I'm Matthew and I've been helping my students succeed at school and university for over twenty years. My philosophy is: more than higher grades.


I teach all the modules for A level Maths and Further Maths, A level Statistics, and some A level Physics. (I also work with undergraduates on courses with mathematical content, such as Economics and Business Studies.)

My focus is on achieving high grades through understanding the material. (70% of my students achieved an A or an A* in the 2013 exams.) I tailor my approach depending on individual needs and interests and I believe in making the mathematics as simple and enjoyable as possible. I am enthusiastic, friendly and approachable. I really want my students to succeed and I'm very happy to be contacted outside of their lesson time.


It is not enough simply to do well at A level, of course: students need to be given the tools to succeed at university. To that end I take a very full interest in their education generally. As one student recently put it, I am “so much more than just a maths tutor”. For example I give guidance and support with university entrance, including the UCAS personal statement, applying to Oxford and Cambridge, and interview preparation, and I have personal experience of working in both the legal and accounting professions.


I have an outstanding academic record and over twenty years of experience as a teacher and examiner, during which I've received excellent feedback from my students and their parents.  I have tutored more than 200 students in Harrogate: that's over 6,000 hours of teaching in the last eight years.


My fees are £160 per month, which covers four one-hour lessons and ongoing continuous support and help outside of lesson time. I do whatever I can to help my students succeed: I've even answered messages from a frantic student at midnight, and I'm always happy to talk to parents.


Because I tutor full-time, I only teach from my home in central Harrogate. Some students walk from school straight to my house; others take the train (I live right next to the railway station) or drive (there are plenty of car parks and parking spaces nearby). Most of my students come after school, between 4pm and 7pm Monday to Saturday, but I am also available during the daytime.

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To get a flavour of my style, have a look at my blog. I'm also writing my second book. And I'm designing a set of crib sheets. FREE printed sets of these will soon be available.

(The picture above shows me at the University Library in Cambridge. I had just looked up the book I edited as an undergraduate there and I was delighted to see that two copies were kept in the Rare Books Room, where they also keep their copy of Newton’s Principia!)